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What Is ScribAI?

ScribAI is the ONLY App That Combines Three GIANT AI, Google Bard, ChatGPT & Microsoft AI 

To Effortlessly Turn A Voice Command, Text, URL, Website or Keyword Into An eBook, Flipbook, 

AudioBook, PodCast Or Voice Contents Without Writing A Single Word In Seconds… 

The 3 AI Giants

You’re Just 3 Clicks Away From Creating

Highly-Profitable eBooks, Flipbooks, AudioBooks, 

PodCasts, & Voice Contents…

Here’s A Sneek Peak On What’s Inside ScribAI…

Content Creation Powerhouse

Ebook, 3D flipbooks, and Audiobook creation

Ebook cover design and Presentation creation

Transcripts generation for audio and voice content

900+ lifelike voices across 144+ languages

Use The Combined Power Of THREE Cutting-Edge 

Technologies Inside ONE App…


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Over $3,000 In JV Prizes!

All Contests Are Based On Total Revenue - Solo Only!


(Day 1 - Day 3)

(Day 3 - Day 5)

 *Contest Policies: To be eligible to win one of the sales leaderboard prizes, you must have made commissions equal to or greater than the value of the prize. If this criteria is not met, then you get the next prize money. NOTE: Each contest starts with unique sales generated within the contest. No Team.

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7 Figure Copywriting & Designs

Sales copy written by 7-figure copywriter responsible for best​sellers. We have brought in the BEST copywriter, designer and video team to ensure we SATISFACTORILY convert your traffic into massive sales and commission.

Massive Reciprocation For JVs & Affiliates

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Premium Customer & JV Support

We provide premium customer support on all our products, maintain and improve our apps even after several months of launch.

FREE Retargeting on FB and Google

We will retarget the visitors you send to our sales page and bring them back to the website to make you more commissions.

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Mark Your Calendars For Tuesday, 19th September, 2023

We Are Going To Make You Lots Of Money While Helping Your Customers!

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*Please Note: ScribAI is a software as a service (SaaS). Access is IPN linked to your payment… Refunding will cancel software access and render existing projects in your dash void immediately*


Grab Your Affiliate Link

Salespage Preview

World’s First App That Combines The Power Of THREE AI GIANTS… 

Google Bard, ChatGPT & Microsoft AI To Help You Make INSANE Profits

Effortlessly Turn A Voice Command 

Text, URL, Website or Keyword Into An


Without Writing

A Single Word In Seconds…

… & Sell Them On the BIGGEST Platforms Like Amazon Kindle, Audible, Etsy, Udemy To Unleash Profit Potential Reaching $586.34 Per Day!

 No Tech/Design Skills

No Writing |

No Recording |

… & Sell On Our Built-In Digital Marketplace & Other Such Platforms To Unleash 

Profit Potential Reaching $586.34 Per Day!

ChatGPT, Bard & Microsoft are taking the world by storm

Our revolutionary tech isn't just a tool – it's your gateway to the AI revolution! 

Picture combining: 

The energy of ChatGPT

 the creative flair of Bard, and 

the authoritative touch of Microsoft

That's the ultimate trio for supercharging your profits like never before!

Step 1


Instantly tap into the combined power of Google Bard +  Microsoft + ChatGPT inside a single dashboard

Step 3


Use this Digital Content to engage & sell to your clients or make profits by simply selling them for a premium fee. 

Harness the Power of Revolutionary AI to Dominate Your Industry Like Never Before

Step 2


Automatically turn Any Voice Command, Text, URL, Website, or Keyword… 

… into an eBook, Flipbook, AudioBook, PodCast, or Voice Contents In just 1-Click

Built-In Digital Marketplace With Millions 

Of Buyers From All Over the World

Language and Voice Diversity

Support for 170+ languages and dialects in Voice-to-Ebook

Text-to-Speech Mastery

Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) voices

Newscaster and conversational speaking styles

Various voice effects for captivating narration

Powerful Sound Studio for audio enhancement

Customizable Synthesis

Mix up to 20 voices in a single 

Text Synthesize Task

Control speech output, 

emphasis, pitch, and loudness

Pronunciation adjustments and 

text replacements

Efficiently synthesize large texts 

to Amazon S3

Flexible Audio Handling

Multiple audio output formats (MP3, OGG, WAV, WEBM)

Speaker identification and transcription features

Various audio input formats for Speech-to-Text

Built-In AI Templates Library With 70+ Templates

Start Profiting In  FIFTEEN Ways

Easily create captivating eBooks, flipbooks, & whitepapers in just 3 clicks


Create engaging presentations with added audio elements in seconds


Sell digital content inside the built-in digital marketplace to reach a global audience


Transform written content into engaging audio experiences using lifelike voices in a few clicks


Create audiobooks, podcast episodes, & voiceovers for videos


Translate your content into more than 170 languages


Quickly generate advertising copy, blog titles, social media posts, & email subject lines


Create interactive 3D flipbooks with audio narration, academic essays, summaries, & study guides


Generate voiceovers in conversational speaking styles for customer support resources, training materials, & tutorials


Instantly generate speech-to-text transcripts for meetings, webinars, & presentations


Help businesses automate customer service with AI chatbots & charge BIG money for your service


Create compelling product descriptions, catchy slogans, & promotional materials without writing a single word


Effortlessly generate engaging social media captions, hashtags, & posts effortlessly


Stand out on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn by delivering fresh and relevant content consistently


Convert blog posts into video scripts, podcasts into blog articles, and much more


42 AI Proffessional assistants for rapid interactions

AI Assistants

Stable Diffusion and OpenAI DALL-E-2 for AI image generation

Without Writing